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Should you receive a damaged* or defective** product or have an item missing from your order, we will refund those items upon assessment for refund eligibility. Prior to a refund being issued, you may be asked to return the damaged / defective product, and/or provide photo documentation with proof of purchase. *Damaged products are deemed to be any products that are damaged at the time of shipment from the store. The store is not liable for any damage incurred during the delivery of the order. **Defective products are deemed to be products that are considered ‘corked’ A restocking charge will apply to any orders that are considered ‘undeliverable’. Examples of an undeliverable order include but are not limited to: incorrect address; no answer at the time of delivery; refusal of service due to conditions laid out under the BC’s Serving It Right. Undeliverable orders will be subject to a refund on the product minus the restocking fee which is equal to all delivery and handling charges. For more information please contact My Liquor Store management at info@myliquorstore.ca